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April 28

Testing registration is now open, with new testing windows starting on July 1.  

Testing Site Guidelines -

Make sure that you follow guidelines or you will not be allowed to test.

Please see below for a testing update from Prometric:

Prometric is scheduled to resume testing for essential services programs in U.S. and Canada test centers effective May 1st, where we are able to do so.

With modified test center resumption starting this week, we want to provide you with updates on where we are likely to open for programs able to test, as well as how we will work to communicate out to all candidates who are impacted. Below is a high-level overview of these initiatives:

  • On May 1st, Prometric plans to resume testing in several markets worldwide for essential services. Please click here for the most up-to-date list of markets where we are looking to resume testing, based on governmental clearance and other market factors. This is subject to change daily. Some global markets listed here are already open. We will give a more detailed update into which centers are scheduled to open in these markets later this week.
  • All candidates who will not be able to test as a result of social distancing policies through May and June are being notified this week via email. Where applicable, candidates will be able to self serve online, or will have their appointments rescheduled or canceled, based on program requirements.
  • Essential candidates who will be testing in May will receive an email reminder with social distancing guidelines and procedures three days prior to test day; and then a follow-up phone call one day prior.


**Nominations are now open for Texas Certification Board of Directors-

due no later than 8am May 4, 2020**

Nomination Form


Introducing a new online certification application and renewal process starting January 6, 2020!

You will now be able to submit certification documents, as you complete them, through the Certemy system.  Once the application is complete, the TCB office will review them for approval. 

Links will be provided on the Certification Applications page for all certifications.

Effective July 1, 2019 TCB will be certifying Re-Entry Peer Specialists with the purpose of creating a workforce for individuals who have been previously incarcerated. For more detailed information please visit

Texas Certification Board of Addiction Professionals (TCBAP) has undergone a name change. To be more inclusive of all our certifications we are now the Texas Certification Board (TCB).

Texas Certification Board

The Texas Certification Board is an autonomous arm of the Texas Association of Addiction Professionals.The certification board is committed to the setting of counselor standards and protection of the public good.

The certification board engages in the following functions:

  • Certifies counselors above and beyond their license to provide counseling services;
  • Administers licensure and certification examinations;
  • Certifies providers of continuing education;
  • Monitors and enforces counselor ethics; and,
  • Works to promote counselor reciprocity.

Events of Interest

Congratulations to Julie Stevens for receiving a Special IC&RC Leadership Award for her work in Prevention!

Prevention Rocks!



The Texas Certification Board is a proud member of IC&RC, the global leader in the credentialing of prevention, addiction treatment, and recovery professionals. Organized in 1981, IC&RC has 73 member certification and licensing boards in 48 U.S. states and territories, four Native American regions, all branches of the U.S. military and 11 international regions.

If you are a TAAP Member you are authorized to take 10% off your renewal application fee, if you renew online us the promo code TAAP. Please Note that the membership will be verified. 


Score letters are now emailed automatically immediately after the candidate has completed their exam. 

 Click Here to visit the Exam Preparation


Practice Exams were developed to mimic IC&RC’s Computer Based Testing platform to enhance a candidate’s preparation experience. Candidates have 60 minutes to complete the 50 question practice exam. At the completion of each practice exam, candidates are provided with a score report detailing their performance based on the various content areas of the examination. IC&RC now offers practice exams for the following five examinations: Alcohol and Drug Counselor (ADC), Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor (AADC), Clinical Supervisor (CS), Peer Recovery (PR) and Prevention Specialist (PS). Practice exams for all other examinations will be forthcoming. Practice exams are just one of the many resources available to candidates preparing for their IC&RC examination.


Study Guide 

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 IC & RC CCJP Supplemental Exam
Exam Prep - Click Here
Candidate Guide - Click Here

CCJP Changes October 1, 2017

IC&RC is pleased to announce an updated version of the Certified Criminal Justice Professional (CCJP) exam will go into effect on October 1, 2017. In addition, CCJP standards have been improved to reflect changes in the field. The CCJP Standards will include the passing either the ADC exam or AADC exam and the new CCJP supplemental exam. This will not effect those who currently hold a CCJP.


Changes to the CCJP Exam

CCJP candidates will be required to pass either IC&RC’s Alcohol and Drug Counselor (ADC) or Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor (AADC) exam and take the IC&RC CCJP supplemental exam. Based on the 2017 job analysis, domains of the exam have been updated to include:


1.       Dynamics of Addiction and Criminal Behavior

2.       The Criminal Justice System and Processes

3.       Screening, Assessment, and Treatment Planning

4.       Case Management and Counseling


You can access the updated CCJP candidate guide at

The new CCJP supplemental exam has a total of 60 questions (50 scored and 10 pre-test). Candidates are allowed 90 minutes to complete the exam.

For more information on the updated CCJP, visit the News section of IC&RC’s website at this link:


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